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Cultura de Borla

A Cultura que não tem preço.

Casa Independente :: CONVITE :: Inauguração do Mural da Casa :: 4 JULHO :: 19h ::

INAUGURAÇÃO | Mural da Casa "Old Friends" de Tom Leamon

4 JULHO | 19H | entrada livre

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É com enorme prazer que vos convidamos para a inauguração do novo Mural da Casa, da autoria de Tom Leamon e intitulado "Old Friends".
O novo mural que vem preencher a icónica parede das nossas escadarias é muito mais do que uma nova cara para receber todos os que nos visitam. Ele simboliza também uma nova fase da vida da Casa Independente já que, a partir de Setembro, passaremos a acolher várias residências artísticas que funcionarão num diálogo constante com a Casa e a comunidade, e Tom Leamon é o artista convidado para a primeira residência.

In My Words, por Tom Leamon:

"Environments have long been a fascination of mine. How spaces connect and direct their inhabitants. How we find homeliness in a collection of chairs and tables and in turn what effect that scene might spur on in our interactions with others.
Casa Independente immediately inspired me since first visiting in 2015, I love a building with history and when that is married with such a considered renovation I feel instantly connected.
When asked to paint the mural wall and be the first artist in residency at Casa Independente I was honoured. It felt like the natural next step to developing my artistic practise in Portugal. Connecting my experiences from the London art world and The Beekeepers (Algarve) and being able to tell a short story on these emotive walls. My idea to create an experience, half treasure hunt, half hide and seek, one you can choose to ignore or explore to its depths. My intention is for the Mural to act as an inner mind map to this potent environment."