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Opening "oh si cariño" Mariana Dias Coutinho, 19 May 15h, Livraria Sá da Costa - Galeria



Mariana Dias Coutinho

Livraria Sá da Costa - Galeria

Opening 19 Maio 15h

Oh si cariño by Mariana Dias Coutinho will be the opening exhibition at Livraria Sá da Costa’s newly refurbished gallery spaces. For her solo show, the artist addresses the different spaces of practice, reflection, and experience within which her working process and her daily life are grounded. Working with everyday objects removed from their habitual contexts, Dias Coutinho presents new work alongside existing pieces that intersect her domestic, studio and conceptual spaces with characteristics relevant to Livraria Sá da Costa’s gallery and context.


19 de Maio – 11 de Junho
Monday - Saturday, 14:30h - 19:30h

Livraria Sá da Costa - Galeria
Rua Serpa Pinto n.19, 1200-205 Lisboa
Rua Garrett n.100/102, 1200-205 Lisboa